FREE Capstone Masterclass - October 16th at 1pm

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 we will be hosting a Capstone Masterclass led by Vinequity founder Beverley Crandon.


California Wines, in collaboration with CAPS Ontario and Vinequity, invite you to join Beverly Crandon for a special Trade CAPSTONE Master Class exploring California’s “100 Million Years in the Making.” The class is on Monday October 16th from 1-3pm at CIBO WINE BAR located at 2472 Yonge Street.

“California: 100 Million Years in the Making” takes attendees on a two-hour minute journey through time to explore the intricate relationship between the state's geology, geography and climate, and how they shape the distinctive characteristics of California's wine regions. Led by celebrated wine educator, writer and speaker, Beverly Crandon, and through the lens of 8 wines, participants will gain a deep understanding of how California's terroir and microclimates produce wines that are renowned for their complexity, richness, and diversity.