Course Outlines

Module I: Methods of Production (35 hours)
Module I’s focus is on viticulture and vinification theory and practices, including vineyard and winery tours.

Module II: Sensory and Wine Styles (63 hours)
This module and Module I – Methods of Production, form the base for the subsequent modules. Students are trained on the service skills and the structured tasting format they will use throughout the program, and in the Final Certification exam. Sensory and analytical skills are developed through an exploration of sensory and pairing approaches and practical exercises. Students explore the range of wine styles, and food and wine pairing, including culinary terms, cooking methods and other factors that impact the flavour profile of both wine and food.

Module III: Spirits and Other Beverages (35 hours):
This module includes study in spirits (white & brown), beer and sake. It builds on sensory skills and expands students’ knowledge of the range of beverages that can be paired with food and recommended to guests.

Module IV: Wines of the World – Old World (49.5 hours):
Regions are explored and key appellations are discussed in depth. Students continue to build their analytical and service knowledge and skills through tasting and wine pairing exercises. This module builds on Module II, and is focused assessing a wine’s character, quality and typicity through exploration of a wide variety of regions and appellations. History, laws, terroir, and other factors are discussed in detail.

Module V: Wines of the World – New World (36 hours):
This module covers the same areas of study as Old World (e.g. the impact of history, terroir, culture, laws, leading producers & trends), yet focused on the New World. Students analyze and identify wines by area of production and assess their quality and character. Honing of tasting, food pairing and service skills continues.

Module VI: Sommelier Management (35 hours):
The CAPS Final Certification Exam takes place after completion of all of the academic courses. The day has is made up of three main sections: sommelier management, final exam, and wine list correction; written blind tasting of six wines from around the world and a verbal blind tasting of three beverages; and, service. The final service exam is in a mock restaurant setting during which students must display competence in food and wine pairing, sparkling wine service, and decanting service.

Module VII: Certification Exam (8 hours):
The CAPS Final Certification Exam happens after completion of all of the academic courses. The students sit an exam that has 3 main sections: 1. Written theory and wine list correction; 2. Tasting, both written and verbal blind; and, 3. Service, in a mock restaurant setting, during which students must display competence in a) food and wine pairing, b) sparkling wine service, and c) decanting service. The exam takes one day to complete.

The first two modules are seen as the fundamental building blocks for the other five. Given that this Certification Program is an advanced level program, students are assumed to have the necessary pre-requisite knowledge.

* Please note that length and number of modules are subject to change. They may increase in length and number.