Academic Program Structure

The Academic portion is made up of seven (7)* in-class modules that vary in length.

Module I: Methods of Production (35 hours)
Module II: Sensory and Wine Styles (63 hours)
Module III: Spirits and Other Beverages (35 hours)
Module IV: Wines of the World – Old World (49.5 hours)
Module V: Wines of the World – New World (36 hours)
Module VI: Sommelier Management (35 hours)
Module VII: Certification Exam (8 hours)

    Further details of the current program:

    The Stage: (minimum of 60 hours)
    Students are expected to successfully complete the Stage component (a non-paid placement within the industry). This component is seen as key in providing students, regardless of their level of experience coming into the Program, with the opportunity to practice the skills they are learning in class and build both their skill and confidence in a real-time environment.

    The Final Certification Exam - as detailed above.

    While the curriculum is CAPS’s, the Program is currently delivered in conjunction with and under the supervision of CAPS with select academic institutions (e.g. Niagara College and George Brown College).


    Completion of the Program takes approximately one-year elapsed time, if the students work through all components based on the course schedule.

    Modules are scheduled during the day. Currently, there is one weekday offering and one weekend (Sunday) offering. Classes are scheduled on Sunday (Niagara) Monday (George Brown).

    Total cost of the Academic Program: Approximately $5,000. (includes wines, classroom handouts and the Final Exam but excludes books and other learning materials).

    Instructors are selected from industry experts. Students benefit from a having a variety of instructors over the span of the Program. Instructors are professionals from the Canadian establishment and can include Masters of Wine, Master and Advanced level Sommeliers, wine educators and those with expertise in their specific content areas.

    CAPS is a member of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale/International Sommellerie Association (ASI) with 55 member countries and 4 observer countries (

    Disclaimer: The above information is intended as a guideline only and is subject to change. For specific details please contact Bruce Wallner, CAPS Director of Education, at