Join us for the 2024 AGM + Meeting Agenda

Annual General Meeting – Tuesday, March 19st, 2024

Location: Vintage Conservatory 224 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1K4

When: Tuesday April 19, 2024

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 416 569 9176

Time: 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Agenda Items:

1. Welcome Message from President James Peden.

Please ensure that you are muted. We will be recording the proceedings. The recording stays on my laptop and will be removed upon completion of the minutes. 

I’d like to take a quick moment now to ask you to pose any questions or comments in the Chat box – Stephanie Guth will be monitoring and directing traffic and Jen Wood will be handling the minutes. 

2. I’d like to Call to Order the first virtual CAPS Ontario AGM with the – Adoption of the newly amended Agenda – First and second?

3. Approval of the Minutes of Last Year’s AGM – first and seconded?

4. Reports of Officers

a) President – James – Welcome everyone 


  1. Review of 2023. 
  2. Goals for 2024 and to enhance member benefits.
  3. Masterclasses, seminars and workshops for our members.
  4. Health Benefit campaign for members.
  5. Diversity and strengthening our partnerships 
  6. Increase the size and functionality of our board with new members and fresh sub-committees to tackle all these projects and more.

b) Steph - CAPS VP – election protocols, nominees, Bylaws

c)  Treasurer – Divya Steinwall – year-end report

5. I’ll let each of the board members fill you in on what they’ve been doing and their plans moving forward. 

6. Reports of Committees

    1. Membership – Beibei Hou - # of members, 2024 goal
    2. Education – Bruce Wallner – class grads, launch of new curriculum, Sept 2024 start date
    3. Events – Heather McDougall – Announcing BOSC 2024
    4. Communications – Susan Williamson
    5. Social Media and Digital – Shagun
    6. Regional – Connor – launching CAPS in Ottawa
7. New Business-floor open
8. Results of the Vote: Steph
9: Adjournment

Next Meeting: 3rd Tuesday of April 2025